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The story of GEDORE's success begins on 19.12.1919. At the tool town of Remscheid in Germany, the brothers Karl, Otto and Willi Dowidat build up a tiny forge, with virtually no capital, to manufacture adjustable spanners and other hand tools. They decide to call their company GEDORE, an acronym based on the name GEbrder (brothers) DOwidat REmscheid.
With quality to success
Quality gets around: the Dowidat brothers' high-quality, durable tools are soon acquired by the rapidly growing trade and industrial companies.
GEDORE also manufactures more and more items for automobile production, which experiences an early boom after World War I. The forge soon becomes too small, and in 1926 GEDORE moves into new premises in Remscheid Lttringhausen still the family company's main base today.
The epitome of modern tools
GEDORE soon established itself as a widely known tool manufacturer with an excellent reputation, and became the epitome of professional tools. For instance, the socket sets boxes first launched in the 1930s are still known as "GEDORE socket sets" to this day.
The GEDORE works in Remscheid emerged largely unscathed from the war, and production was quickly resumed.
GEDORE grew extremely dynamically in the post-war period, expanded its production facilities, and led the development of the industry with innovations such as the Alu-Dremometer and the 1B combination spanner. .

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