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GESAN generator sets equipped with diesel engines cover all of the requirements of an increasingly demanding market. .
Our wide renges of diesel generators 1500-1800 RPM,stationary are from 6-1600 KVA.As an optional the stationary generator sets with water-cooled engines can be supplies with a sound proofed canopy .

After Sales Service

*Basic responsibility: We provide installation, commissioning and we see to it that electrical cables were properly installed to maintain safety. We also do by customers request a monthly inspection (by contract) of the unit to see how the generator runs.
Basic Policy:
We provide customers with after-sales service and information to maximize their security and comfort.
We employ personnel with solid skills to ensure top quality maintenance and ensure that customers can enjoy the experience of operating the unit without any disappointment.
We provide the customers a speedy repair system ensuring that any problem with a customer generator will be fixed properly on that time. We provide safe and secure maintenance skills and quality improvements.
We collect and utilize quality-related customer feedback to improve repair skills and generator development.
Lastly, we have reasonable stocks of spare parts to ensure on time delivery for the customers satisfaction.
GESAN strives to provide comprehensive after-sales service to the customers both in Europe and Overseas, from generator purchase to end of life disposal, so that they can enjoy the experience of operating the generator with peace of mind.

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